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Balancing & Control Products

Nexus Valve

Nexus Valve was established in 1994 to provide the HVAC industry with the highest quality hydronic system components at an affordable cost.


Nexus was one of the earliest innovators of specialized hydronic components and packaging. Nexus was founded to provide single sourcing of quality hydronic components providing value-added services for resellers and users of hydronic products.


Starting with simple ideas for better products at great prices and utilizing a managed growth program, Nexus has created an international presence in the HVAC industry. Nexus continues to improve the quality of products and services with a focus on expanding product lines, services, and distribution points.

Tribus 6 Way Control Valve

The Nexus Tribus 6-Way control valve for hydronic heating and cooling systems replaces two 2-way valves and two actuators required to connect a 4-pipe system to a single coil. The unique compact feature of the Tribus 6-way valve reduces installation cost, lessens power consumption, and is ideal for chilled beams and radiant ceiling applications.


Hydronic Efficiency Products


Flamco is a member of Aalberts N.V. of The Netherlands and has been involved in the development, production and sale of high-quality components for use in HVAC systems since 1956. In more than 70 countries we offer successful, innovative solutions for residential and commercial buildings and sustainable energy.


At first, Flamco focused on the development of wall brackets and pipe hangers but, at the end of the 1950s and the start of the 1960s, a real revolution broke out in the world of central heating. Thanks to the expansion vessel, developed by Flamco itself, sealed central-heating systems and all the benefits that come with them became a reality and conquered the European market. And it didn’t stop there: Flamco kept innovating and inventing new accessories for central-heating systems. We developed a network of industry professionals utilizing Flamco products soon becoming world-renowned for system solutions of the highest quality.

Flamcovent Clean Smart

The Commercial Flamcovent Clean Smart air and magnetic dirt separator removes the smallest microbubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system fluid. The innovative design reduces the pressure loss in the system to a negligible minimum. The accessible blow down valve makes regular maintenance quick and easy.